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We at Asalina Care put you or your loved one on our special care programme.

We carefully asses the needs of the patient and prepare a package that is suitable.

As the patient gets older their care needs change, and we at Asalina Care, will adapt our programme to maintain a close, loving, care of our charge. Below are the services that we supply.


Home Care Services


We offer a range of specific care services that we practice in your loved ones home. so they benefit from their own home environment and memories and also get the expert care they need in these later years of their life. At Asalina Care  we provide Carers to Live with you in your own home, allows you or  your Loved ones to stay at home in familar and relaxed surroundings, with a bespoke level of one to one support. Asalina Carers deliver these Level of Services, 


Companionship, Personilised Care

Overnight Care - Call up to twice each night

Meal preparation of your choice & Support with fluids intake

Running errands- or appointment visits

Light house keeping & Laundry

Prompt with Medication



In Care Services

We also offer a range of service in our domiciliary Care, where we treat your loved one with the diginty and respect they deserve. We offer 24 round the clock services to cater for any emergency. Daily care is generally chosen due to the constrants on Living accommodation, and other various reasons however at Asalina Care, we support individuals trying Care at home for the first time. Asalina Care services - provide trained Carers to cover for sleep in duties, night and hourly Care. The duties of a daily Carer vary depending on the length of time the Carer is required to spend with the client. Our Carers  are generally asked to prompt with medication, Cook, support and  engage you in the activity and hobbies of your choice and empowering you to achieve your set goals.


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Is Caring for YOU?

We all know that Caring can involve long hours, stress, and difficult patients.

BUT, it is also highly rewarding know that you are helping people in great need.

FIND out more today about how you can join an elite set of wonderful people willing to give all to help others.

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